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RechargeCar Inc is made up of talented individuals with a wide range of disciplines. It started out as a group of friends who set out to build an electric car just to see if we could. In the process of finding out that yes, we could, we identified several essential portions of the conversion process that were unavailable, expensive, or inadequate for most conversions. We were lucky enough to have just the right variety of backgrounds to attack the problems we identified.

We have Electrical Engineers, a Master Mechanic, an Aerospace Engineer, a Software and Firmware Engineer, and of course, a System Administrator. Each of us come from a specific and necessary area of work and study to create an extremely nimble and agile company determined to make affordable and environmentally conscious transportation a reality.

We want to provide the world with an alternative to fossil fuels, the freedom to choose what powers their vehicle, and the ability to reduce the human impact upon the environment. In order to accomplish this feat, we will start with what already exists - cars. Every car you see is already 80% an electric car (that's how much of the original car's mass we keep before adding our own systems, motor, and batteries). The other 20% pollutes the air and costs you a lot of money to satisfy. It's that terrible remaining 20% that we are replacing.

Since we are only replacing the relatively small power plant section of a car, the overall initial cost is proportionally as small. The fact that this new power plant is fueled by electricity further adds to the long-term benefits of owning an electric car.

Electricity is pretty close to raw energy. It is versatile enough to be converted to many other types of energy: heat, motion, light, and logic used for communication and computation. The fact that electricity is derived from many sources only adds to its status as the common denominator of energy worldwide. And try pumping oil through power lines. If you can find a way, herds of Alaskan migratory mammals will thank you.

We hope that our products will prove useful in expanding awareness and adoption of affordable and practical (and non-goofy-looking) electric vehicles.

why would we want to do this?

We believe that a collaborative and community-oriented approach is ideally suited for the purpose of EV system development. EV innovation can develop more quickly if developers can access standard protocols instead of re-inventing existing wheels.

It seems that more and more EV components are being designed and built all the time. Battery management systems, motor controllers, and battery chargers are among these EV parts being developed by people throughout the world. To create a complete and versatile EV system, these components must be able to communicate with one another in some fashion. The challenge arises when each of these autonomous components speaks a different language.

In addition, every EV application will be slightly different, and designing one system that is fully compatible with everything would be impossible. This fact further demonstrates the need for well-published standards.

RechargeCar Inc. will lead by example. We will publish all of our communication protocols (USB packet structure) for our products. By doing so, we will encourage the EV community to use our standards, improve upon our software interfaces, and work with us and others toward our common goal: to build better electric cars.

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