Every installation is a little different. We encouraging everyone to post about there experience here. Ask questions, get ideas, and anything else that makes sense.

The general Installation Procedure:

Before beginning, buy or steal a Disconnect and the proper connectors.

We recommend installing the plastic connectors WITHOUT electrical contacts installed yet.

Fixed connector

Step 1 - Remove 2 bolts from unit for fixed connector ( inc. nut(A) and nylon washer(B) )
Step 2 - Adhere nuts(A) and nylon washer(B) to connector using dielectric grease or equivalent
Step 3 - Place the connector into rear of unit until nylon washers(B) line up with holes
Step 4 - Thread bolts w/ washers back through the connector starting on the nylon washer(B)
side ( right side when viewed from the rear ) and finger tighten connector to unit
Step 5 - Install washer(C) and lock nut(D) by holding bolt with a 7/16” ( 11mm ) wrench and
tightening lock nut(D) with 7/16” ( 11mm ) ratchet/socket* until washer contacts unit

* note - DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN. Tighten until washer(C) makes contact with unit.

HINT - You should still be able to turn the bolt with little effort and loosen the
connector with in the unit. About ¼ to ½ turn loose from bottomed on the
nylon washer(B) will allow ease of connection when in use. Then snug
lock nut(D) using caution not to warp housing.

Free connector

Step 1 - Remove roller assemblies from bag.
Step 2 - Remove lock nut(D), nylon roller(E) and washer(B) ONLY. Do NOT remove nut(A).
Step 3 - Insert bolt with nylon roller,washer and steel nut into connector.
Step 4 - Install nylon washer(C), nylon roller(E) then locknut(D). Tighten by holding bolt
with 7/16” (11mm ) wrench and tightening locknut(D) with 7/16” (11mm )rachet/socket.

HINT - The nylon roller(E) should NOT be loose on bolt.

disconnect_schematic2 (1).png

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