The Gestation of an AutoBlock AMP.

Ah yes, the joys of product development. It takes a few design iterations to get a product just right.

In the upper left: a little proto-board where a basic circuit and firmware can be tested and tweaked easily. Once we are confident that we are on the right track, we can invest some time and money into a more complicated, more representative, and easy-to-work-with test PCB. (As seen in the middle-ground) Next, we take what we have learned and miniaturize - the goal being to retain all of the needed functionality, but jam it into the enclosure that our mechanical engineering team came up with.

Take a look at the AutoBlock AMP product page for some renderings of what it will eventually look like.

Still to go before releasing into production: iron out some details - finalize enclosure design, finalize PCBs, test LED blink scheme, finish analog voltage output firmware, etc...

stay tuned!