The Gestation of an AutoBlock AMP: Part 2

Here we have a working prototype of our AutoBlock AMP. Development is going well but somewhere along the line, we came down with a slight case of featuritis. We wanted to give the installer many options for interface in addition to the USB connection. Eventually we settled on: 2 analog and 2 digital outputs. We think you will like it.

The analog outputs will provide 0 to 5 volts depending on amperage OR (and we think this is pretty cool) a 0 to 100mV output. This output can be used to simulate a current shunt.

The digital outputs are also multi-purpose: we can blink an LED, use them to create a square wave that is fed to a tachometer to display current flow, or interface to a microprocessor.

All of the outputs are configurable over the USB connection using a simple interface. We also added a temperature compensation circuit.

Our next steps before production: anodize the fancy aluminum enclosure green, finalize firmware, and test, test, test...