A start to a fancy digital dashboard.

Here you see Mark's leg pressing the accelerator pedal while shifted in neutral, revving up the motor in our test car. As you can see, it doesn't take that much power to make that electric motor spin.

The top window shows RPM measured by an AutoBlock RPM installed under the hood. The AutoBlock RPM converts the periodic waveform picked up by a speed sensor to a digital signal communicated via USB.

The bottom window shows what our prototype AutoBlock AMP is measuring. This AutoBlock senses current flow through a high-voltage cable and once again communicating via USB.

The next step will be to take these values and make some virtual analog gauges move for easier and faster viewing. We could also use these values to calculate EV efficiency by knowing how far the car has moved and integrating the Amp draw over time. All of these features are possible with more advanced software - which we are working on of course.