Need a way to break the main circuit without having to unscrew terminals or touch conductors? Just reach over, while under the hood and pull a lever for peace of mind made it even more useful. This is a mounting, housing, and connection assembly designed to work with Anderson Power Products SB 2-pole electrical connectors, models SB175 and SB350. The EV EZ Safe Disconnect provides an easy mechanism for disconnecting and reconnecting a circuit while keeping both connectors captive and aligned. The lever on top of the mechanism makes disconnection and reconnection of the circuit easy and direct, while a pull-cable attachment allows for disconnection from a distance.

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The powder-coated steel construction of the mounting housing makes assembly easy and supports multiple sizes of connectors. A spring-loaded catch keeps the Anderson connectors captive in the housing, and is easily released for removal of one connector.

The EV EZ Safe Disconnect does not make any electrical connections itself, and is thus subject to the limitations of the components that it houses. Please adhere to the limits set forth in the datasheet for Anderson Power Products SB connectors. Pay special attention to the 'Pulse Current Capability' graph as shown on page 2 of the connector datasheets. (Note the typo on the datasheet: the Y-axis should show 0 - 3000 Amps NOT temperature)

Using a cable for remote operation:

A cable can be connected to the lever mechanism to allow for remote operation. We found it useful to run a cable into the cab connected to a handle to provide the driver the ability to disconnect the high-voltage power from the rest of the car. When building an electric car, it's good to give yourself plenty of ways to confidently disconnect the power.

Our disconnect provides another level of safety by capturing the two connectors - after they are electrically disconnected. The removable connector is still locked into place after disconnecting, preventing it from falling into or wrapping around (and around and around) who-knows-what inside your car. It can be easily freed once you're under the hood with access to the lever.


EV EZ Safe Disconnect is DISCONTINUED

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