Measure, Display and Record current flow

We noticed that there just wasn't an accurate and reliable way to know where and how much power is going through our system. Those big shunts were OK, but had some drawbacks. Not only did we want to measure and display amperage, we also wanted to calculate overall EV efficiency.

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Maximum warp... engage (or disengage).

We can do both.

Easily and Safely disconnect your high-voltage battery pack from the rest of your system using our EZ EV Safe Disconnect. We designed our connector housing to work with the high-voltage Anderson connectors. The integrated safety features prevent the accidental connection, or unintentional removal of your connector. This disconnect can be operated both remotely with a cable, or by using the big lever.

Learn more about our EV EZ Safe Disconnect.

Take Control of Your Car

The Macchina is based on the Arduino Mega 2560 and is compatible with all 5 OBD2 signaling protocols including PWM, VPW, ISO 9141-2, KWP and CAN. This should cover any car built from 1996 onward. It includes a sturdy power supply to power sub-circuits and add-ons (called "shields" in the Arduino world).

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This sensor does not measure how many times faster than the speed of light you are traveling, but rather how fast your WarP™ motor is turning. This kit consists of a bracket to bolt to the motor, and an exciter ring (shaft collar) that mounts to the spinning shaft. Our setup is designed to be as universal as possible, allowing for compatibility with many EV systems.

Learn more about our WarP™ Speed Sensor.