1997 Ford Contour All-Electric Conversion

We began this venture several years ago, when we found ourselves in possession of a broken Ford Contour and an interest in alternative means of propulsion. What started as a single project turned into an exploration of the hobbyist conversion community, production of components we felt would be as useful to others as they are to us, and a genuine enjoyment of converting gas vehicles into electric.

There are a few major aspects of our conversion process, involving key components that actually make the car go--the Powertrain--components that give us better information and control over the vehicle--Sensors and Safety Devices--and parts from existing cars that would otherwise have rotted in a junk yard--Reused Components.


Sensors and Safety Devices

Reused Components

  • 1997 Ford Contour GL (most of it)
  • 1982 Cadillac Deville electric vacuum pump
  • 1992 Toyota MR2 electric steering pump